Brutal in Cuba – It’s back again…





Bands from four countries will make the musical scale in six Cuban cities as part of the summer edition of Brutal Fest.

European groups, exponents of extreme metal, will seduce a national audience by participating in the Brutal Summer Fest, a traveling event that will come in its eighth edition to six cities, from 15 to 24 of this month.
Festival organizers told the press that this time the bands Dead Cowboys, from France; Carnal Demise, Finland; Insanity, Switzerland, and Neid, from Italy, a country represented for the first time, will be performing at the event.

The tour will begin in Holguín on the 15th Then will follow presentations in Bayamo (August 16), Santiago de Cuba (17), Camaguey (19) and Santa Clara (21). In the Maxim Rock in Havana the capital followers expect to have these groups for two nights: 22 and 23; the last stop of the tour will be Pinar del Río (24th).
Local groups will accompany each show, said David Chapet, general producer of Brutal Fest. Also the director of the French label Brutal Beatdwon said this festival, sponsored by the Cuban Rock Agency and the record label he leads, has boosted, since its inception in 2008, the exchange of experiences between Cuban and foreign artists; hence it is highly anticipated and fills the participants with enthusiasm.
This time around for the island Switch, Deadpoint, Stigma DC, Congregation, The Shepal, The one who bleeds, Wishbone, Metastasys, Parasomnia, Resistenzia and Trend are performing.

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