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Back in early 2009, my partner and I travelled to Gisborne, New Zealand to interview kiwi surfing legend Allan Byrne. I was hoping for 10 minutes of his time for a few words and thoughts about New Zealand’s surfing past. But what I actually got were three hours of beers, laughs, inspiring thoughts and an education on everything from board designs to star consolations.

It was a time when I was only thinking about working with the Cuban surfers and I had nothing set in stone, only a few concerns about the whole idea. Allan changed all that on this one single night, inspiring me to throw everything I had behind helping and supporting Cuba’s surfing community without a second thought.

Allan Byrne was one of the worlds greatest surfing heroes, shapers and inspirations. A true legend…

This is a short extract from the film “Last Paradise” which was about to release before Allan’s tragic passing. The original adventure pioneers tell the story of a 45 year global quest for adventure and paradise in stunning original footage. Cinema screenings of Last Paradise will be held in 2014.

See for movie screenings.

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Allan Byrne

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