Three minutes in Cuba…


Three minutes in Cuba is a trailer for the Cuba-Chapter of an upcoming surfer’s documentary. Here is there visual teaser.  Check it out…



We´ve missed out on tobacco manufacturing, rum distilleries and Buena Vista Social Clubs.
But we´ve found Habanas surfers, skaters, bmx riders, graffiti- and tattoo artists and soulfood-mamas.
We joined them for the last 7 weeks and documented their subcultural lifestyle: the struggle in a communist system, broken skateboards, a lot of police, illegal innercity surf, abandoned russian buildings, unofficial tattoo parlours, selfmade gasoline based graffiti paint, and much more. Take a first look!


“Salt and Silver – A culinary Surftrip”


Follow Cozy and Jo on their search for perfect waves and meals through Central- and South America.

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