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In August 2011, Royal 70 was contacted by a US filmmaker by the name of Steve Tozzi. Steve had an inspired thought. He was interested in taking US hardcore punk bands into Cuba to do some shows, hoping to enlist the bands with which he was connected to perform. Bands like Youth of Today, Vision, Token Entry, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front and Mouthpiece.

I loved the idea, and I knew Cuba’s punk and hardcore scene would, too. Unfortunately, I received his email just a few days before we were due to leave for Cuba ourselves for a few months, so I passed on his details and ideas to Drew from Solidarity Rock and William from Cuban hardcore punk band Arrabio, knowing that if anyone could help Steve out it would be these guys. They had been taking rock bands into Cuba for shows since 2008.

Steve’s idea never came to fruition, but all was not lost. One year later, Arrabio travelled to Canada to open for Agnostic Front. Steve’s dream of bringing US hardcore bands to Cuba may not have been realised, due to the politics between these two countries, but he has still opened doors to realise a dream for a bunch of Cubans who are doing so much for punk on the island.

┬áRiot on the Dance Floor is Steve Tozzi’s latest film. If you love a little chaos, history and hardcore, learn more about it at,

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